Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Rare Passion

Last week, I visited Chikudzulire along with Somebody Cares staff members and a team from City of Grace, Arizona. We joined a group of youth from ages 9 to 20-something who were gathered to learn from God and spend time with one another. It was here that I saw something so inspiring and in a way, surprising- so unlike what I am used to seeing among youth. As we joined the youth, they began their time excitedly dancing and singing, led by SC staff Edward Phiri and other youth leaders. As things began to calm down, the youth visibly entered a state of deep worship, not seeming fake in any way, but as though they were ready to enter into God's presence. Most ended up on their knees, with arms raised high and expressions passionate.
Although I could not understand the prayers and songs of worship I was hearing, it was evident that God was touching the hearts of these young people. As they were told to look at specific scriptures in the teaching time, one girl in particular searched for the passages with such interest and enthusiasm, as though this moment was more important than anything! Perhaps these youth truly realize what God has done and do not take it for granted. What differs them from many other youth around the world is not something I am sure of, but I do know that what these youth have is something rare and very special!
By Alisa Gagne

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